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Connecting with Your Teen

This is the online course you need, to be.. 

  • INTENTIONAL in relationship
  • CONFIDENT in purpose
  • CALM in your reactions


As you interact with the teen in your life!

I’m a mom of five who PASSIONATELY believes we don’t have to dread the adolescent years. But with some intention, purpose and community we can thrive and stay connecting with our teen! 

Have you worried about the teen years just ahead? 

Do you dread the unknown, feeling unsure where to start?  

Are you afraid to might mess up this parenting thing?

Do you have rising anxiety over this unknown of what lies ahead?

Are you worried your child will become someone you don’t even recognize? 

  • Difficult
  • More argumentative
  • Even rebellious
  • That they’ll withdraw or pull away
  • Refuse to let you into their world 
  • Or won’t want to talk to you anymore like they used to

 Are you terrified of being unrelatable or uncool?

This child you’ve poured your heart and soul into—who you’ve served all these years—will begin to reject you?

That they won’t want to tell you goodbye in front of their friends? 

Or would prefer to be dropped off around the corner, instead of walking together?

I so get you. I totally understand, because I’ve been there.  

 I know how desperately you want to keep the lines of communication open with your child. 

How much you want to keep nurturing and growing your connection.

I know because I want that too

Maybe right now you are in the midst of the adolescent years? 

Maybe you're finding it difficult to navigate more complex topics with your teen? Or maybe you're struggling with normal topics like...

  • Managing electronics
  • Setting parameters for online time
  • Talking about sex
  • Or openly discussing the dangers of pornography  

Perhaps you’re struggling through a busy schedule, making it impossible to connect? 

Sports practice, music rehearsals, and homework deadlines ... and stress that never seems to end! 

As if you're running on a hamster wheel, with no time for purposeful connection, 

With no rest for you. And no end in sight.  

Have you been longing for the simpler days?

Days when there were... 

  • Morning park outings
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Legos strewn about 
  • And smudgy fingerprints on every surface

Years when there was... 

  • Bath time every night
  • And a drained tub, strewn with bath toys at the bottom of that sea of deflating bubbles
  • The smell of Johnson's baby wash in fresh hair-tucked under your chin-as you rocked and read that bedtime book for the one hundredth time 

Those were the simpler days, although you'd never have called them that then. 

Have you felt like things have changed lately? 

That the only reward for all your years of serving has been distilled down to disrespectful comments and condescending “eye rolls”?

Are you suddenly perceived as not as smart and way less cool ... fighting to hold on to the significance and authority you feel you deserve?

Do you find yourself jealous that your teen’s phone gets more time with them than you? 

Do you struggle with some guilt for things you’ve said? 

Guilt for dreading the interactions?

Or guilt for hardly “liking” your child anymore at all? 

Have you felt tempted to give up, give in, or just give them their way? 

Are things escalating?

Do you find yourself constantly fighting with your teenage daughter? 

Or feeling like passing strangers with your teenage son?

Are there disagreements and misunderstandings—even arguing, yelling or name calling that is breaking your heart? 

Or maybe you’re finding this season to be a strain on your marriage?  

  • Busy working
  • Juggling logistical responsibilities
  • Having disagreements as a couple
  • Trying your best to navigate the rules, discipline, and parenting decisions of this season—but blaming each other for your teen’s behavior 

Perhaps instead of feeling like you have it all together, you've been feeling more alone than ever, 

And might you have more hopeless days than you care to admit??  

I want you to know today, there is hope! 

The year my son turned fourteen, it was like someone flipped a switch—like my little boy turned into someone I didn’t even know.  

  • Different reactions
  • New opinions
  • Difficult interactions 

And it was so. very. hard. 

Over the next five years I struggled to connect. 

  • I wrestled with how to establish fair boundaries
  • Felt conflicted when he didn’t like how I was parenting
  • Read countless books, counseled with friends and professionals alike.

And I kept pursuing him in love, even when he didn’t receive my pursuit as I had hoped.  

And then, at the age of 20, it was like the switch flipped back again. 

The tender heart of my son returned. 

His reasonable reactions came back,

And I became overwhelmingly grateful I had not given up pursuing connection with him through those adolescent years. 

I know you don't want to give up on your teen either!

It is my heart’s intention that this course would be a tool for you as you press through this season with your teen.

I know you love your child so very much and would do anything to stay connected through these challenging years.  

I want you to know it’s possible to keep connecting! 


This course will meet you in your hectic chaos! 

I will walk you step by step, side by side, being your mentor and cheerleader along the way! 


  • Encouragement
  • Inspiration
  • Strategies
  • Assignments 

To help you have a more confident purpose, more calm reactions, and more intention as you seek to stay connected with your teen! 

This course is the shortcut you’ve been looking for! 

  • No need to read countless parenting books
  • No need to have to complain to your best friend 
  • No need to be stuck and worried and unsure about how to proceed 

In this course I have summarized HOURS of my own personal learning, along with YEARS of practical experience, to bring you the tips and strategies you need!


Inside this module we’ll talk about the normal changes in adolescence, how to recognize them and how to let that inform your reactions. Then we’ll talk about how we can say no to “freaking out” and instead, how we can choose to see conflict as an invitation to relationship, and make a choice to stay calm. And finally we’ll talk about identifying and articulating three messages that will support every interaction with your teen, and set three reasonable and realistic expectations for these years in advance.

This module begins by examining the relationship between responsibility and freedom, and explains how our teens have the choice to choose increasing responsibility in order to earn increasing freedom. Next we’ll talk about the crucial importance of allowing reality based consequences to be our child’s greatest teacher, and what it practically looks like to offer support through mistakes and failures, and inspiring them while having the confidence to try again.

Electronics, and the internet in general, can be so helpful and enriching, and yet so addictive and dangerous at the same time. In this module we explore an examination of our own electronic habits and make some intentional decisions about how to model the use of electronics in our homes. Then, together, we wrestle through the topic of collaborating with our teens to set online safety rules, parameters, and guidelines, with bonuses offering you additional resources and tools as you do.

Inside this module we will discuss strategies to develop and enhance mutual respect between you and your teen. This includes offering regular encouragement, affection and conversation, as well as being willing to listen and collaborate with your child. Then we explore the concept of connecting with your teen, through knowing how to pick your battles, how to navigate crucial conversations, and learning how to communicate by asking questions instead of giving orders, and listening more than we talk.

Parenting is ultimately a tool which presents us with opportunities again and again to grow in our character. Opportunities we don’t always welcome, but are essential to our growth as people. And in this module we will be exploring just that. We’ll examine ways to develop more humility and empathy with our teen, how to choose to be vulnerable, heal from our past, and have a plan in place to find satisfying balance in our lives.

I created this course for you! And in this course you will not be alone! 

There will be community interaction in the comments beneath each video, providing regular and confidential support. 

  • When you have a question? 
  • When you’re struggling with your teen? 
  • When you experience a breakthrough, and have a tip you can share? 

You’ll have a community you can trust! 

  • You’ll be able to log-in
  • Leave comments
  • And interact with one another 

You'll have a community of like-minded people at your fingertips—friends who also care and long to stay connected with their teens too!  

  • Instead of spending countless hours stressed out and worried.. 
  • Instead of putting your health at risk because of your angst.. 
  • Instead of spending hundreds of dollars shopping to make yourself feel better.. 
  • Or joining the country club to try to get friends to replace your kids.. 
  • Instead of choosing to be in denial.. 
  • Or refusing to face the tension..  

You can join us inside this course, as we challenge ourselves and learn together! 

  • Instead of risking the deterioration of your relationship with your teen.. 
  • Or feeling guilty and sad about your current struggle through these years.. 
  • Instead of needing to pay thousands of dollars for professional therapy..
  • Or worse yet thousands of dollars after the deterioration of your marriage.. 

You can join this wonderful, supportive and inclusive community!

A community ready and willing to cheer each other on, as we seek to stay connected with our teens! 

In this course you'll receive: 

  • 5 modules 
  • 16 videos 
  • Printable pdf worksheets for journaling and reflection
  • Assignments to facilitate connecting with your teen 
  • And a private forum filled with an encouraging and supportive community 
  • All in a confidential, member-only site 

You will have your own log-in and password,

Access to the course 24 hours a day, 

And be able to learn individually, at your own pace, or with the group!

And there's more!


In addition, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to an exclusive closed “Connecting with Your Teen” Facebook page community
  • 4 weeks of group coaching
  • Including 4 Facebook LIVE events, to discuss the content of the modules
  • With interaction in real time to discuss together, ask questions, and get feedback live

And that's not all! 

Mentor Guest Calls!

I’ve invited six mom mentors to join us!

To do SIX individual, LIVE, video sessions exclusive to our private group!

We will discuss issues related to parenting teens, with the opportunity to interact and ask questions live. 

We will be joined by:

Jen Schmidt

Pam Farrell

Kim Hyland

Edie Wadsworth

September McCarthy

Elizabeth Foss

This course will only be available for 10 days! Then doors will close! 

I'd love for you to be one of the ones who join me inside this course! 

And it is possible to get immediate access to get started with ALL the modules today!

You can work ahead at your own pace or go through it with the group over the next four weeks. 

You’ll get access to:

  • 5 modules
  • 16 videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • 4 Facebook LIVE group calls
  • And ALL the bonuses

 Including a private FB group and 6 LIVE bonus calls with our amazing guest mentors!  

Don't miss your chance to join us! We'd love to see you there!

What others are saying...

Jacque Watkins is a hope-giver, story-teller and connector. She offers both wisdom and inspiration as a friend and guide who will walk beside you through the mud, and the beauty. Her words and insights will make a difference in your world. I know this because they have in mine.

Holley Gerth, writer, speaker, co-founder of (in), and author of over 15 books, including You're Already Amazing, Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be

I adore Jacque Watkins. She's this friend who will sit with you on your toughest days, and will celebrate with you on your best days. She's a rare gem.

Jennifer Dukes Lee, writer, speaker and author of The Happiness Dare, Pursuing Your Hearts Deepes, Holiest, and Most Vulnerable Desire, and Love Idol, Letting Go of Your Need for Approval and Seing Yourself Through God's Eyes

Jacque Watkins is an authentic, welcoming, and wise soul who creates a safe place for women to talk about their suffering, and reminds me that all is truly grace. Within minutes of chatting with Jacque I found myself sharing about tender topics that I’d typically only entrust to those I know well, and I immediately knew I’d found a precious friend.

Jeannie Cunnion, writer, speaker and author of Parenting the Whole Hearted Child, Captivating Your Child's Heart with God's Extravagant Grace

There is no perfect way to live this life and I’m certain you'll agree–none of us do it perfectly. And oh, how we love to try to show the world just how Pinterest-perfect and Instagram-worthy our lives are! But every now and then, you run into someone online who doesn’t pretend to be anything other than who she is, broken and imperfect it’s true, but redeemed and beautiful with a story and a way with words that will draw you in, and touch your heart in a deeper, more honest way. Jacque Watkins is the real deal.

Kate Battistelli, speaker, recipe lover, and author of Growing Great Kids

Jacque's passion is to come alongside women, especially moms, who find themselves in the hard places in life. When we feel unequipped. Unworthy. Unappreciated. She's the girlfriend you've always wanted. No matter how or why you're stuck in the mud, you can trust Jacque to take your hand and gently lead you to solid ground.

Wendy Blight, member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ First 5 Writing Team, speaker, Proverbs 31 Small Group Ministry Training and Development Coordinator, and author of Living So That, and Hidden Joy

Jacque offers a unique experience in an online world that can feel contrived and curated - she offers a place where you can truly come as you are in the midst of your messy, muddy life. You'll find yourself encouraged through the stories of women who have been where you are and discover the hope to keep going - and a community that will make sure you never feel alone. This is a safe space, and you will always feel welcome, no matter your mess. 

Crystal Stine, former editorial and marketing manager at (in), speaker, blogger, and author of Creative Basics, 30 days to Social Media Artwork

I just know you are ready to invest in your relationship with your teen..

And I'm FOR you as you pursue connecting with your teen!

See you inside the course!!


Take advantage of joining our community for LESS than the cost

of ONE counseling session!